Arachnidium is among the most sought-after minerals in the entirety of Dakai. This is largely because of the great many uses that the people of Dakai have found for the resilient material; indeed, many economies have been founded upon this staple mineral, which has shown to be absolutely necessary for the development of infrastructure, which in the hard-to-travel world of Dakai, means that it is essential for the development for a functioning civilization.

Arachnidium is a white, crystalline mineral that deveops in threaded masses in large deposits in rock cavities beginning around 10 feet under the surface. It is known to be stronger than any metals or smelted ores, and naturally forms in fibrous strands which can be welded together with incredible strength by allowing the two ends to naturally bond in any normal pool of water.. This makes it a choice material for the typical cable-based transport systems of nearly all developed regions.

While arachnidium has been forming underground for millions of years, possibly quite soon after the birth of the planet, and has been used by many primitive groups dating back to well before written history, it is generally agreed that the practice of welding originated in the Cravanooke region, where the ancient Migys people put it to use in their strictly coast-bound civilization.


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