Bilibipno are beasts of burden first recorded in cave paintings approxamently created in 62000 DC, and are still used widely in Dakai today. They are characterized as being strong, yet surprisingly graceful in movements, and a lovely shade of blue-green.


The Bilibipno are known not just for the above mentioned strength, grace, and color, but also for their remarkable ability to anticipate their masters' wishes. They seem to possess an almost supernatural ability to problem-solve as well. This has led many scholars to wonder whether they are, in fact, beasts at all. They will eat anything, and appear not to need water. This, combined with their unusually high stamina, makes them an ideal farm animal.

Significance to the BrechanEdit

The Brechan commoners hold a different belief, however. They belive that their god, Dakrun, is best represented by these beasts, and that it embodies the sacred tenants of their religion: Relokz (nobility), Gralkix (compassion), and F'tiz, which is not directly translatable, but means something like passion, although in the sense of suffering or of love, nobody knows. This is looked upon as ridiculous by the Engineers (how can a beast of burden display Nobility, Compassion, and Passion, they ask) , and is discouraged, but is oddly the one thing in which the Brechan commonors display disobedience. The Engineers are withholding comment on this sudden disobedience at this time.

Representation in Dakian FolkloreEdit

The Bilibipno are considered, in Dakina folklore, to be the descendants of a former sapient race, although just how they came to be this way is unknown. Some say that an angry god that caused the change, others, an experiment gone wrong. All myths, however, cite the many strange ruins, especially in the area near Ayaroka, and the Dramas fields. The thought that the creators of such vicious killing machines along with impossibly beautiful ruins, could still among us continues to chills many Daks to this day.

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