By The Great Light, I Swear I've Seen A Cron-ford! was written circa 8460 DC by the writer Restin Crill. It catalogued Crill's journey to the nation of Negas. The book was originally written in Adala'ehkt, although it has since been translated to most modern languages.


Crill purportedly left his small hometown of Feronia at the age of 23 Years to find his fortune elsewhere. However, says he, amidst his travels he found himself in the mountainous strains of Negas , where he got lost in a series of caves. There, he claims to have seen a Cronford (referred to in his texts as a Cron-ford), a mythical blue reptile that stands on two legs and is of human intelligence. The existence of Cronfords has yet to be outright proven, and the validity of By The Great Light is heavily questioned; however, many claim that Crill's book serves as proof.

Influence on Popular CultureEdit

Cronfords are often spoken of, especially among young Daks. By The Great Light is the first mention of them, but since then they have popped up in many books, reenactments, and other areas of the media. Hundreds of Daks have claimed to have seen a Cronford at one point or another, but there has yet been no irrefutable evidence. Many young Daks aspire to meet a Cronford someday, despite their outright violent nature. Descriptions of Cronfords slightly vary from source to source.

CITATIONS: Adala'ehkt, Negas, Cronford

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