Corvidan, Beret of the Galaxy, is representative of the odder side of Dakai. The hat holds the strange power to compel all who set their eyes upon it to look away, and then look back once more! One might say that this hat has the power to make one do a double-take!


The hat may have never made its way to Dakai if not for Mizgog the Insane. Mizgog, who was studying portals at around 2,000 DC, finally managed to create one to the planet we now know as Duru'kai. Whilst on the planet, Mizgog apparently impressed the King and Queen so much that they gave him Corvidan, the most sacred artifact in their kingdom. Of course, this is based off of the ramblings of a mad wizard, so its credibility must be called into account. Upon returning to Dakai, Mizgog proudly walked the roads of the kingdom, forcing all manner of creature to turn their heads. Needless to say, this caused many problems. People would trip over rocks that they did not see do to the compulsion to stare at the hat. Carriages crashed into trees, killing both the horses and the riders

The hat's bloody fateEdit

Unfortunately, Mizgog's days came to an end when he gazed at himself within a pond. After checking his reflection, he quickly walked away from the pond to continue his daily strolls. It was at this point that the hat attempted to invoke its own power, but it could not because the reflection could no longer be seen by Mizgog. The mystical power of the hat backed up, causing Mizgog's to begin flailing widly, his neck twisting until a sickening crunch snapped it. It then continued to twist Mizgog's head until the skin broke and the head was torn from the body. After ten minutes of the severed head flailing wildly around in the air, a gust of wind blew the hat clean off of the wizard's mangled skull. This was recorded in detail by some civilians who were wholly sick of the trouble that Mizgog had been causing. It is known as, "Hooray!  That damned idiot is dead!" and is available at all libraries within Dakai. The hat was then found by a merchant, who gave it to the King. After demonstrating its power for all to see within the village square, King Harforn deemed too powerful for any one person to wield. It was then brought into the palace and never seen again.