“If craahfe be the fodder of deliciousness, harvest on.” --Bistleworth Jenkins


A craahfe marsh at night.

Craahfe (not to be confused with giraahfe) is a small aquatic bush that is the principal crop in Southern Bfolyorn. Craahfe thrives in the high-salinity boggy marshes found there in the Jrbllndm River delta. They are a work-intensive crop due to their extreme sensitivity to temperature, salinity, sun exposure, political climate & current events, and the pitch of their farmers' voice (craahfe must be sung to). The bush itself is rather small, ugly, and unimpressive, but the berries that the bush yields are attractive, both visually and gastronomically. Craahfe bushes are extremely dense; a single craahfe bush contains as many as 500 berries. The berries themselves have very powerful biolumescent properties, each one glows from within. It is a spectacular site to visit craahfe bogs at night when entire acres of water softly glimmer in pleasing blue and green tones—indeed, such marshes are popular night spots for marriage proposals. The berries can be harvested all year long, and though they remain edible for long periods of time, there is a short (15–30 minute) period in which they reach a hyperipe state. If consumed during this period they have the strange manna-like ability to take on the taste of whatever the consumer's favorite food is, be it aahgawk or cronford meat.

Craahfe berries are also used in the craahfe wine which saturates most Dakian festivities, especially the Dakian New Year. Urktoo Quiggs has claimed multiple times that he was the first to ferment craahfe berries, and he has become widely recognized for this discovery despite historical allusions to craahfe wine predating Quiggs by at least 3,000 years such as this playful verse by Bistleworth Jenkins recounting one celebration of the Dakian New Year, c. 3050 D.C.:

Wassail, wassail!
Merriment abounds!
Do not the craahfe wine curtail!
Laughter and revelry, surrounds!
Craahfe wine is said to be a powerful aphrodisiac but I am ignorant of such matters.

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