The Cravanooke Region lies far from most other civilization, and in fact is a continent in and of itself. It is largely inhabited by Daks. It is located distantly south of Bfolyorn.


The Daks originally came from the Cravanooke Region, having first left circa 40000 DC. Due to the sheer size of the Cravanooke Region, different subsocieties would discover different modes of nautical travel at different times; as such, Daks left at staggered intervals. Urktoo Quiggs discovered the Cravanooke Reigion in the year 253 DC, leading to an even greater rise in his fame; the township on the Cravanooke Region formerly known as Harlos changed its name to Urktonis in his honor.

Notable LocationsEdit

Among the notable landmarks and townships on the Cravanooke Region are:

  • Poscente , a major city and the commerce central of Dakai
  • Velun, a small town renowned for its low crime rates
  • Urktonis (formerly Harlos), a medium-sized township on the gast coast
  • Eyl, a tall mountain and a symbol of hope for many Daks
  • Kryl, a smaller mountain adjacent to Eyl
  • Poelus, a small tribe that has been notoriously behind the rest of Dakai technologically
  • The Vylin Gap, a large lapse in the middle of the Region the size of a large lake

Many other landmarks and societies exist on the Cravanooke Region; these are simply the most notable among them.

The Great Cravanooke WarEdit

In 1643 DC, two large cities, Molk and Haele , went to war with each other. At the time, Molk and Haele were by far the largest societies on the Cravanooke Region. Each believed that by virtue of its size, it was entitled to rule over the entirety of the Region, and that the rest should submit to its customs and laws. Molk had the superior army by far; however, Haele, being the site of the greatest collection of ancient texts on Dakai, contained a wealth of knowledge to which Molk could not begin to compare. This proved altogether fruitless, as Molk outright stormed Haele, burning it to the ground and killing every Haelean in one of the shortest battles in the history of Dakai. Molk became the dominant power on the Cravanooke Region, with its ruler Jul Erk acting as a dictator-figure; however, thirty years later, the rest of the Region revolted, killed Erk, and restored the Region to the collection of independent societies that it had always been. Molk disbanded in the 1588 DC out of shame; the residents all agreed to join the various other societies.


Bfolyorn, Poscente, Haele

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