This is a reference article detailing Dakai history as it pertains the Dakai Calendar (shorthand D.C.) The Dakai Calendar works like our Earthly B.C. calendar; events chronologically further away have higher numerical year-values than more recent events. What follows is an attempt to plot the events of Dakai on this calendar:


Date Event
62,000 D.C. First cave paintings of Bilbipno are produced.
12,700 D.C. The Odrapet Mohkem tribes move northwest to the Mal'etam Peninsula
12,400 D.C. The Adala'ehkt writing system first appears
8,460 D.C. By The Great Light, I Swear I've Seen A Cron-ford! is written.
5,100 D.C. Aiil is born.
5,020 D.C. The death of Aiil and the end of the Blue Rag War.
3,486 D.C. The city of Ayaroka is founded during the Nega-Drek War.
3,474 D.C. The Negasi abandon Ayaroka and the city is soon settled by the Brechan people.
3,400 D.C. Karlon Pontus makes the first circumnavigation of Dakai.
3,102 D.C. Writer Bistleworth Jenkins is born.
3,100 D.C. The tradition of Aphechar is born among the Phek monks.
3,000 D.C. The year known as the Stolen Year.
2,952 D.C. Bistleworth Jenkins dies.
2,816 D.C. Gottswell Serrata plots the coordinates of the Astroluces and discovers that they lay at the six geographical poles of Dakai.
2,380 D.C. Illias Atherton, con-man, is born.
2,363 D.C. First known appearance of Illias Atherton.
2,340 D.C. Illias Atherton dies.
1,455 D.C. The Antrixer is born.
1,413 D.C. The Antrixer dies in the Battle of Trist Igol.
378 D.C.

The Kassian States are unified after the Fourth Great War.

100 D.C. Hatim Engeto concludes that water is most important form of Amni.
99 D.C. Ighae Rakand, Emperor-Priest of the united Kassian States is overthrown & scientist discover that all of Bfolyorn lies on the back of a giant creature, called The Bfolyorn
91 D.C.

The Treaty of Three Corners is signed and the Kassian Empire is broken into three Kassian States.

57 D.C.

Urktoo Quiggs makes the discovery of aahgawk.

45 D.C.

Urktoo Quiggs claims to discover (again) The Bfolyorn.

0 D.C.

This Encyclopedia of Dakai is begun.