E'llon is the pen name of famed novelist and personality Elix z. Loonm. In his lifetime, he wrote literally thousands of short stories, plays and novels. All were lost in The Something That Happened, except his work Jkki, My Love (see main article), which exists only in excerpts. This book is a work of such immense literariness, that half of the people who read it literally go mad from the beauty of words. The rest are inspired to live a life dedicated to the book and its study.

Early LifeEdit

According to noted biographer Giilin F'rrx, E'llon was born in the Great Muirk Sea, in a small fishing village. He was the son of the mayor and his mistress, a descendant of the Lost Kings of W'wllno, and the sole controller of their mystical powers. She taught these arts to her son, who used them to improve his writing to the point where a mere couplet from his boyish lips could tame wild beasts.

However, according other noted biographer, Coo'kikjm Dhjk, he was born in the secret sands of the Hakamagin Desert, and lived with his father, one of the noted hermits there. From his father he learned how to improve his memory to the point where he could remember things that had never happened. The experiences described in his writing, she insists, are so vivid because he had lived every one in his memory.

His mother, however, in her diary, now a best-selling book, said that they lived in Cyrim, in the artists' district, and that her son was always a rather quiet, unsettling boy. She never elaborated as to how he was unsettling, however.

Marriage and familyEdit

Elix z. Loonm was documented to have been married over 777 times, although never consecutively and never simultaneously. He was reportedly the first Dakian man to marry a sandwich. This marriage, lasting five hours, was his longest one.

He had only one child, a daughter, whom he named Ri-yool-foorf-gooyufds-hhinkoovvvvvv-xizouubwaerd-!lpob-consdd which in Gfro, the language of scholars, means "Only." She ran away and became an accountant later in life.

In the MediaEdit

Since only one of his works survives to this day, one would think E'lllon is not a commercial success, but this is not true. His book is, although not as popular as in past times, still to be found in almost every library on Dakai!