Ertinis is a common disease to the Daks, and while it is an inconvenience, it is certainly not life-threatening (with one significant exception). Most Daks used to contract Ertinis at least once per Year. One who has Ertinis is said to be Ertinite.


Ertinis has been around since before recorded history, and has long been accepted as a part of life. However, it was not studied in depth until more recently; in the year 2951 DC, following the death of Bistleworth Jenkins the scientist Yosil Te began to study its effects, causes, etc. Since then, it has become easier to prevent as knowledge has so vastly expanded.


  • Dak's Visual Sensor Prong will become swollen, eventually jutting out of his head
  • Dak's ability to hear will sharply degenerate, making him fully deaf at the disease's peak
  • Dak will be unable to swallow most foods, limiting him to liquid intake
  • Patches of Dak's skin will turn an unpleasant shade of lilac
  • Dak's coordination will be significantly slowed, creating a (roughly) one-second space between when his brain says to do something and when he actually does it

Causes and PreventionEdit

Ertinis is caused by a natural shift in the size of a Dak's cells. Dak cells grow and shrink over a long period of time, and whenever they are at a maximum or minimum size, the Dak will feel the effects of Ertinis. Yosil Te's research has allowed a pill to be produced and distributed that keeps the cells of a Dak around a median size, with no harm to the Dak. Most take this pill once per Phase, but some do not feel the need to, although the only negative effect of this is that it allows the Dak to contract Ertinis. However, the disease subsides after two to three Cycles, so it is not of the greatest importance.

The Death of Bistleworth JenkinsEdit

Bistleworth Jenkins, in his infinite stubbornness, refused to drink any fluids while he was Ertinite, claiming that "If I can't chew it, I won't do it." He ultimately died of starvation, although he is the only known Dak ever to have died of Ertinis. His death is attributed primarily to his character rather than to Ertinis; however, his death prompted some Daks to be concerned for their health. The next Year, Yosil Te conducted his research on Ertinis.


Bistleworth Jenkins, Yosil Te, Sensor Prong