Frell is a popular term meaning "the perfect person" which came into use because of an advertising campaign by the Hiilpo'n corporation that ran a few years ago. The term is especially popular among the young people of Daki, were the meaning has shifted to mean "generally desirable". In either case is always capitalized.


The origonal add which featured the term "Frell" actually used it in a name. The advertisements showed a young man (Mr. Frell) for whom everything was going right in increasingly unlikely ways. He was depicted getting up in the morning finding that his Grrogilnd blossom had bloomed, his team had won in the Joonpa Gooring contest, and a favorite Iogwan Troupe was in town. The continuing exploits of this increasingly lucky man were chronicled in advertisements over the years.

The advertisements advertised floor wax

Controversy On the TermEdit

It has been argued by several Dakian linguists (particularly noted linguist Monmola Goornat) that the term Frell is being misused because the adds never depicted their subject being an especially good person, only lucky. This is generally ignored by the rest of Daki.

Controversy On the AdvertisementsEdit

Other, more serous protests have been launched each under the slogan "Imperfect and Happy" which decry the effect the image of luck and perfection that have been depicted in the adds. The most notable thing about these protests has not been the manner under which they have been launched (they are mostly peaceful, with occasional vandalism in by the more exuberant members) built that the protest's mascot "Llerf" has also been accepted as a slang work, although it dose not mean "Imperfect" at all.