Gloonrna is a courting ritual that has become popular amoung Loongi, or Dakian youth culture recently. The nature of it is considerd a closely-gurded secreat as the things it entials are roumerd to be encriadbly embarsing, but after a little under-cover (ha ha) work, this socler has descoverd the ditials of this important phenomum!

Phase oneEdit

Potential caninidats are lined up in this pahses. The person who will be initating the relashionship (either gender may apply these days to role) goes to a public place frequented by many youngsters (for example, a Gliver'n'bend "joint" or Joon'kal bar) whail waring the tradiotnal appreal of a young person seeking companionship. The goal here seems to be th where the least amount of clothing possible, or els the most outragous. The winter mounths hamper this parctice, but do noting to dull it's keen ferventness.

Phase twoEdit

Another young Dak will aporch one clearly looking form complainon ship. There will ensie a battle of wills so ferice so I tremble tow write of it, however, for the sake of sience, I will conitnue. The Daks will stare in echother's eyes deeply and intelsly, and if the ensuer should look away, the effects would be desastorus. The other young dak would go and tell all their friends that the other Dak is week-willed and dose not have enough "F'tiz". If the poerosn who did not ineted the relashion ship looks away, they mearly leave, and go free off in serch of another Dak. One who has less contoral over his tear glands.

Phase threeEdit

The final stage this socler was able to gather information on, dancing ensues. This is said to ensure a good physical match. The movments in this stage are so strenous, that I do not see how any Dak can physicaly accomplish them. However, if, in the IMPOSSIBLE case this happens, there are said to be five steps beyond this. However, I cannot see how anyone achives this. Ever.