I PROMISE TO WRITE A PRETTY HEALTHY LOOKING ARTICLE FOR EVERY SECTION FOR HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES. Furthermore, I recognize that that is going to be a pretty daunting affair. Every day after school, and before piano lessons or after dinner or when I have an essay, I might have to work. And I also recognize that I'll have to do a whole lot of reading so as to understand what's going on because the whole world won't really come together if people are just going off in their own silly directions and ignoring everything else.

However, I recognize that there are sometimes emergencies! And I will find a good substitute in a session where I am absolute bogged by whatever, and have them write an article for me. Or, if everyone simultaneously is superbusy, will help arrange an extension or something like that. But I'll give them time and things, you know, and be polite. I recognize that if I don't, I will get mad yelled at by -everyone-. I also agree to mad yell at people who don't.