The Antrixer (born Dargon Lethowin in 1455 D.C.) was the bladester responsible for the creation of the Antrix Empire, and the author of the Antrix Codex, which remains incomplete to this day. He was trained by the One Whose Name is Lost in the arts of bladestry, though his arts were left incomplete and the schools he was inducted into remain unknown. He was the first known bladester prodigy, and as such was capable of filling the holes left in his technique, fashioning the Blade School The Antrix Cycle, recorded in the Antrix Codex. As Bladestry was banned in the Ninety Seven Nations of Yorgania, he was forced to travel from nation to nation, avoiding the Winged Guardians wherever possible. In order to facilitate this, he fell in with the Orkogen Band, a mercenary clan which later became the Antrix Band. His skill at Bladestry allowed him to quickly take over the clan, and they promptly defended the various Supra Artists who were on the run from the Guardians. After defeating the Blade Lord Styrgan Cromsor, who attempted to assist the Guardians in apprehending the newly hailed Antrixer, Dargon's prestige soared, allowing him to call upon various dissenting parties within the Nations. The most notable of these parties were the Altergan, who were enslaved by the people of Remorshka. Ontiliat also openly declared support for Lethowin's movement, prompting him to declare the nation-city as his base of operations. The Antrix Cycle was also recognized as an offical Blade School, but was sabotaged by the jealous Cromsor. The school remains incomplete to this day. The Antrixer and his followers then openly declared war upon the Ninety Seven Nations, leading his armies in an open attack on the capital Lenandsia. However, the Guardians easily defended the city-nation, prompting the Antrixer to decide upon a more subtle approach. He and the Antrix Band then proceeded to raid the Winged Armoury to sabotage and steal the Wings of the Guardians. With the Guardians significantly weakened, the armies of the Antrixer were able to threaten several of the weaker nations, securing their loyalty. With their support, the Antrixer led a campaign across the nations, which culminated in the Battle of Arga Lui. After this battle, the Hallowed Unition bequeathed his crown to the Antrixer, leaving him ruler of the Ninety Seven Nations. But this was not enough! The Antrixer's eye turned yorthward, and Antrix led his armies against the Korg Stronghold. Thousands of Korgians fell to the Antrixer's own blade. After the Korgfell, the Antrixer turned gastward, towards Istranta his armies swollen with mercenaries and Korgian turncoats. Alas, the Antrixer died in the Battle of Trist Igol in 1413 D.C.