The people of Dakai, listed in alphabetical order. Consider using the search bar for more information on a person.

  • Aiil - A highwaywoman turned folk hero, she created the Cyral Tower.
  • Antrixer - The bladester responsible for the creation of the Antrix Empire. Born as Dargon Lethowin.
  • Egar Sinad - Founder of Rhimamniism.
  • Gottswell Serata - Scientist who plots the Astroluces.
  • Hatim Engeto - Caused the dissolution of the Kassian Empire by breaking from Amniism.
  • Ighae Rakand - Emperor-Priest of Kassian Empire at time of dissolution.
  • Illias Atherton - Con-man who invented the "Greyhawk Gambit"
  • Kark the Vile - Tyrant who evicts the Brechan from their land, forcing their settlement in Ayaroka.
  • Karlan Pontus - An explorer who was the first to circumnavigate Dakai.
  • Lord Maley - Current leader of Ayaroka.
  • Pheross - Figure central to Phek religion.
  • Urktel Quiggs - Wife of prominent scholar Urktoo Quiggs.
  • Urktoo Quiggs - Was president of Great University of Cyrim, creator of aahgawk and oofite.